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Hello, I am confused as to whether I meet the requirement of "full time". At my University, classes can range from 3-5 credits. 3 credits if there is not lab attached with the class and 4-5 credits if there is a lab attached with a class. The labs themselves are pretty much a course on their own as they are 3 hours long every week with their own final exams. I am not sure if other schools are like this which is why I am writing this. I have written down the number of classes and credits for each semester. Please let me know if I meet the requirement to apply. I greatly appreciate your help.

Year 1

Fall: 3 classes, 13 credits | Winter: 4 classes, 15 credits | Summer: 2 classes, 8 credits

Year 2

Fall: 4 classes, 15 credits | Winter: 4 classes, 12 credits | Summer: 1 class, 4 credits

Year 3

Fall: 5 classes, 17 credits | Winter: 3 classes, 12 credits

Year 4:

Fall: 4 classes, 14 credits | Winter: 5 classes, 16 credits (one class was 3 credits and was just pass or fail)

Year 5:

Fall: 4 classes, 14 credits | Winter: 3 classes, 11 credits | Summer: 1 class, 4 credits


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You might be, but it's unclear to me (and anyone outside admissions who hasn't seen this exact scenario to be honest) since Ottawa no longer mentions "carrying forward" summer courses on their FAQ. You need 2 years, at a minimum, so if they let you carry summer courses you can bump up year 4 and 2... Your best course of action is to ask the admissions office your specific question (making sure to mention that you read the FAQ already). I'm not sure if they omitted it on purpose (no more making up for missing courses) or not.

Their mention of "courses" is specific, not credits, so make sure to focus on that and get some clarity, do they mean 5 courses or 15 credits? I can't speak to all Canadian schools, but at mine there was no difference in credits for lab/no lab, and this wasn't unusual for just my undergrad. Intro courses that you can get As in by attending counted the same as 4th year courses with 4+ hours of labs a week, which didn't feel fair at times...

EDIT. I just looked up uO's undergrad course calendar out of curiosity, and they do not appear to give bonus credits for labs (which means the policy is likely referring to 5 courses since their classes will have tons of people who took 5 courses+labs). Definitely confirm this with them though, don't trust everything you read on the internet :) 

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