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I got a bad grade during undergrad, which I thought was very unfair, which lowered my gpa by a couple points (it was the only grade I got below an A-). The course instructor had me form a proposal with a university counselor to do extra work in hopes to increase the grade. I submitted extra work after some time and this was instead sent to the assistant dean to mark, who after receiving the work didn't change my grade because she thought the work wasn't good enough. I was never told about a formal appeal process until it was too late.

Is there anything I can do about this, as I apply to medical schools in the fall. Can I add an academic explanation essay to my medical school apps (ex. omsas) to explain my situation? Any advice would be helpful. Has anybody else been in this situation? I am trying to figure out if there is anything I can do. Thank you.

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First, I want to comment that you may still be highly competitive for medical school given all other grades are A- or higher. GPA isn't everything (but it sounds like yours is highly respectable).

Regarding how to handle it... I'm obviously not party to your situation, but I do wonder whether your reason will be perceived as valid on an academic explanation essay. I don't know if a "bad explanation" can hurt your chances, but before you submit one, I would suggest taking a step back and consider whether or not a 3rd party (who will tend to lean toward agreeing with profs/"the system") will think you have a valid explanation or if it may come across as whiny or entitled. Again, I don't know your reason or if a poor explanation is worse than no explanation, but it does seem like something to consider. 

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