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On 4/15/2021 at 9:35 PM, laulau694 said:

Hi everyone, 

I am new to this page and just thought I'd introduce myself. I am applying to S-LP at UWO, McGill, McMaster, and Dalhousie. I was rejected at all of them except Dalhousie, where I was put on the waitlist. I am also applying to OT at Dalhousie, Queen's, and UWO. I am applying to SLP for the THIRD time, and OT for the first time. 

I have a 3.51 subGPA and a 3.3 cumulative GPA. Does anyone know if that GPA will give me a chance of getting in for OT? I am not feeling super confident about it, haha. 

I have an honours bachelor in psychology, and a graduate certificate in autism and behavioural sciences. I also have 600+ volunteer hours working in various settings including clinical speech settings and supporting those with autism or strokes.

Does anyone know when we are supposed to hear from Dalhousie OT? 

I'm a current Western OT student and I know a couple people in the program who had around a 3.5sGPA in undergrad, you will likely have a decent chance off the waitlist 

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I know everyone is really nervous about the decisions that are about to come out. Just know if you don’t get accepted, it doesn’t mean you aren’t smart and it doesn’t mean you should give up! It’s a v

Hi everyone! With a lot of admissions decisions coming out soon/tonight-ish I just wanted to drop the number for some crisis lines as news can bring up feelings of distress.    Crisis phone

Anyone else nervous for tomorrow’s results (midnight) in Ontario

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1 hour ago, OT Please Accept Me said:

I don't know about this year, but last year I got my acceptance letter from U of A OT on the afternoon of April 22nd

Hey, I wonder were there any international students got accepted into U of A OT program?

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2 hours ago, OT Please Accept Me said:

I don't know about this year, but last year I got my acceptance letter from U of A OT on the afternoon of April 22nd

Do you mind sharing your gpa ? I wonder if it’s only that soon for candidates with higher gpa/more competitive application 

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5 minutes ago, OT Please Accept Me said:

I had a 3.7GPA and I was in-province. For reference I was also accepted to U of T, Western, and waitlisted for Queen's

I am applying to PT and worried my subGPA (3.8) is not high enough for cutoff this year, do you think queens puts emphasis on personal submissions? 

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7 minutes ago, VhopefulOT said:

Hey everyone! I'm a bit late to this thread, but I was wondering if anyone knows the approximate sub-GPA acceptance of last years entering class to Western? My sub-GPA is a 3.78 and I am getting very nervous to hear back 

From talking to my classmates, most of us who first had around a 3.7 or a bit higher (a couple people lower) so you definitely make the cutoff GPA wise but I feel that they rely heavily on ECs, letters, and especially the CASPer.

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10 hours ago, DALPTOT19992021 said:


Congrats! I just found out I was accepted as well. 3.97/4.3 sGPA, NB resident.


Congrats! I've applied to PT (OOP) and I haven't heard anything yet, anyone else in the same boat for Dal PT?

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Congrats to everyone who got into Dal OT so far!!

I just want to confirm if I'm calculating my sGPA correctly

I'm in my final semester of undergrad so I'm missing my grades from this term. I did 5 classes every term except for last term I did 6. So I have 16 credits done so far during my 3rd and 4 th year. Will Dal only take my Second year winter grades to makeup for the outstanding 4 credits or will they do it like Ontario and use the average of the entire second year???

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