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Applied + (PT or OT): PT and OT - McGill QY, Queen's, McMaster, UofT, Western, uOttawa (just PT)
Accepted: McGill QY PT, Queen's PT, Western PT
Waitlisted: McGill QY OT, UofT OT, McMaster OT, UofT PT, uOttawa PT
Rejected: McMaster PT (after interview), Western OT, Queen's OT
GPA: cGPA: 3.85, sGPA: 3.87 from BSc Anatomy & Cell Biology at McGill

I did a bit of PT shadowing this past December at a outpatient sports clinic and a hospital that I used to work at. Did clinical research in the Orthopaedic department, got to observe some surgeries and post-op follow ups, recruited patients, etc. Worked in a Vet hospital for a couple of months as a vet assistant. Volunteered with a special needs program when I was in CEGEP. Did a community service trip to rural Nicaragua. Was a former figure skating instructor for children.

References from the orthopaedic surgeon I worked for (also a prof at UdeM) and my anatomy prof from McGill who is also a DO.

I accepted McGill QY PT but I may also accept Queen's PT as a backup while the "recommendation for acceptance" is processed by McGill, and then drop Queen's if McGill sends an official acceptance.

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I know everyone is really nervous about the decisions that are about to come out. Just know if you don’t get accepted, it doesn’t mean you aren’t smart and it doesn’t mean you should give up! It’s a v

Hi everyone! With a lot of admissions decisions coming out soon/tonight-ish I just wanted to drop the number for some crisis lines as news can bring up feelings of distress.    Crisis phone

I can't believe we've had to wait so long since we submitted our applications in Jan haha. I have been anxiously waiting! Best of luck to us all!! 

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3 hours ago, SaraPT123 said:

Hey out of curiosity why is western your first choice?? I got into western and queens for OT and can’t choose!! Congrats by the way!! 

Thanks so much! Congratulations to you too!! 

Mostly for Westerns pedagogy! I’ve spent a few years studying experiential learning theory and I love Westerns emphasis on it! Location definitely was a factor too as it’s much closer to where I’m from!

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I need some help. I got accepted to western, but I am on waitlist for McMaster. I was wondering if I can still get an offer for McMaster even when I accept western? deadline to accept western is May 29th. But McMaster doesn’t send out waitlist offers until June 2nd 

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I got offers from UofT and Queens PT on ORPAS! (but still no email from either? lol).  Also waitlisted for Mac and rejected from Western. Will likely be accepting UofT :)

My SGPA was 3.83 and CGPA 3.61 

Congratulations to everyone on your hard work! No matter the results, truly hope everyone realizes how proud they should be of themselves

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Applied (all PT): Queens, Western, Dal, UofT 

Waitlisted: Dal 

Rejected: Queens, Western, & UofT 

subGPA: 3.73 cGPA: 3.70 

really disappointed that I didn’t get in anywhere :( but hopefully next year will be better...

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Applied: Mac OT + PT
Accepted: Mac OT
Waitlisted: none
Rejected: Mac PT
cGPA: 3.98, not sure about sGPA
Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: didn't have to write any essays or provide references, interview went pretty well, the interviewers were super enthusiastic and sweet!

Will be declining for med 

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Congrats to everyone getting offers!! 

Applied (PT): Western, Queens, U of T, McGill
Accepted: McGill
Waitlisted: Western (upper 1/3), Queens
Rejected: U of T
GPA: c-gpa: 3.93 + s-gpa: 3.87

Does anyone know how much Westerns/ Queens waitlist typically moves??

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Didn’t get into the only Ontario school I was eligible for, queens. GPA- 3.97, cGPA 3.95, which leads me to believe that either my CASPER or personal submissions were extremely poor. Feeling bummed, I really thought my answers clearly reflected who I was and aligned well with the requirements of the profession.

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Applied + (PT or OT?): OT at  Queen’s and U of T

Accepted: Queen's and U of T



No answer yet:

GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa : c-gpa: 3.69 s-gpa: 3.77

Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references:

I believe I had a pretty strong essay and references (mostly because of my low-ish GPA and the fact that I was accepted to both places I applied). I also had just under 200hrs volunteer experience working with adults with a disability. 

I will be most likely accepting my offer to Queen's, so those of you on the U of T waitlist, good luck!

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