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Is masters/PhD basically required in residency for cardiac surgery?

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34 minutes ago, Edict said:

If you complete a canadian cardiac surgery residency you can complete a 2 year CT fellowship in the states and be BC/BE in the US. Only reason to do it imo is if you changed your mind and wanted to do general thoracic. The same path in Canada would require a 3 year fellowship with 1 yr of general surgery included. 


I said the same thing earlier in this thread.

And I think a Thoracic fellowship after a Cardiac residency in Canada would only require two years if you used your enrichment year for the General Surgery during the Cardiac surgery residency. It could probably be done in less than 8 years since 6 months of senior Thoracic rotation during Cardiac residency would count towards Thoracic training. No need to do the Cardiac portion of a Thoracic fellowship either. In fact, one of the two surgeons I know who did this took 7 years to get board certified in both. It was before competency based residency as well.

Don't know why you'd do it unless you really loved Thoracic procedures or hated Cardiac's lifestyle.

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