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AACOMAS Question Left Blank

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Hi so when I was initially going through the AACOMAS application, I saw the covid essay prompt in personal information and I left it blank to complete later. I am just now realizing that I completely forgot to answer it before submitting. Does anyone have any idea how this is going to affect my application? I am just worried now because I feel like I have just thrown my whole application out of the window with one mistake. 

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39 minutes ago, PhysiologyHopeful said:

You can email the school admissions directly if you feel like there is something significant that was left out of your application. Let them know your AACOMAS ID and they will add it into your file. Of course you will need to do this for every single school, but it's better than not having it part of your application.

Thank you for that tip! I spoke with AACOMAS directly and they said there was nothing I could do.

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