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17 hours ago, anonymouspls said:

you have to convert each individual course grade to the OMSAS scale. 

This, but after that point it’s a simple average of the two years as they both need to have 10 courses anyways (30 credit hours or 5 FCEs, depending on your school).

Edit: wrong subforum, just realized I’m in dent here not med; sorry!

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On 9/4/2020 at 4:15 PM, dentistryman88 said:

So they would take the Year 3 average + Year 4 average divide by 2?

So in the OPs case it would be 84+93 / 2 = 88.5 % average

Yeah - so I believe that Western dental does look at percentile and not OMSAS... could be wrong so its always good to email them directly... 

In that case, yes - you'd just get a percentile average from your top 2 years.

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