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Hi, I would have some questions for the admission in MD in the University of Ottawa. 

I am currently a university student in Quebec so I would like to apply in the French stream of the MD program next year. Our province was highly touched with Covid-19 so our universities gave us the right to apply to the Pass/Fail option in our winter 2020 classes. As mentioned in the admission criteria of UofOttawa, to be eligible, only one class Pass/Fail per semester is allowed. Is this rule still applicable with the circumstances of covid-19 for next year admissions?

Also, I've changed programs in university and has been given the choice of crediting some of my classes. Considering the fact that I already have one class pass/fail in my current program and one class that I would like to credit from my old program ( credited as equivalent (EQV)), would I stil be eligible to apply ?

Thank you in advance!:)

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1) Unless it changes, the one pass/fail class per semester applies. It has not changed.

2) You can credit some classes, but make sure to have a full course load (5 courses/semester; or 4 but missing courses taken during the summer/another academic year). For example, if you got credit for class X and you only take 4 courses in the fall semester, you need to take the 5th missing course.


Good luck :)


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