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Providing low-cost application review services

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I am a current MS1 at UofT looking to provide low-cost application help for anyone that needs someone to look over their: OMSAS, ABS, Calgary Top 10 etc. Ideally I would love to do it free (I've helped out a few people on this forum for free already over the summer) but with med school starting up + me working part-time to help pay for med school, my schedule is super tight. Just looking to cover what I would make at my part-time job so I can find the time to help with apps. 

I know that a lot of professional med review companies charge insane prices and not everyone has friends to help review their apps. I applied as a third year undergrad with a 516 (130/128/130/128) last year and got interview invites to Toronto, Mac and Ottawa. If interested, shoot me a message on PM101 and we can discuss what you need help with.

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