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  • 4 weeks later...

A bunch of people have been asking me questions about how I prepared for casper so these are the resources I used: (i got accepted to all 4 medical schools i applied to)

1) **DELETED** casper book 

2) "CASPer Test and CV Guide for Med School Applicants" - a guide that I found on ETSY

3) MED-Coach Canada (I met with a med coach over zoom and I was given a few tips!!) and then I payed for their simulation with feedback (I did this 3x)

4) I compiled a word document  with all the questions I could find on google and youtube and answered them 

5) I practiced my typing speed using typing websites (google "typing games" and a bunch of different options will come up!!)


contact me if you have any other questions!! 

PSA: I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO BUY ANY OF THESE, there are plenty of FREE resources to be used, this is just what I USED :) 

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