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Using a Current Applicant as a Verifier

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Hey everyone, so I'm having a problem right now. I have job in a healthcare setting but the site manager is completely incompetent and I know that if I put him as my verifier he will probably get my app red-flagged by putting some wrong info down or confusing me for someone else. So I thought about using my direct supervisor as my verifier as they know me very well. However, the problem with that is that they are also applying to UofC med this year so I'm not sure if this will cause any issues with my application. I'm not worried about my supervisor sabotaging me or anything like that so I'm only interested in knowing if there will be a problem on the school's side and if anyone has experience with that.

Thanks guys!

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19 hours ago, DrKing said:

The director of admissions says that the verifiers aren’t asked to comment on character just if the experience you described happened. I would advise against putting a verifier who is currently applying. There is a bigger chance that gets red flagged rather than the verifier screwing up. 

damn ok thanks for the advice!

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