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Hey everyone, so I'm going through my application and I was wondering if anyone knew if my case would get any consideration for the academic context. So I'm currently doing a professional degree (PharmD) which McGill lists as an undergrad degree. I've already completed an undergrad B.sc which I'm using as my basis of admission degree. Since my second degree isn't my basis of admission, would I still get the bonus for it. Finally, would it be considered "post-bachelors" academics even though its they're both bachelor degrees?

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Interesting situation you got there, I’m assuming you’re too early in the PharmD to have it set as the basis of admission degree?

I strongly suggest you email the admissions office as this is a question which I think they’ll be willing to give fairly straightforward answers to…

FWIW, from my reading of the Overall Academic Context description, I don’t think the PharmD counts as post-bachelor academics (this one I’m pretty sure of). I’m kinda on the fence regarding the professional degree bonus issue…obviously PharmD is a professional degree but because it won’t be your basis of admission degree, I’m slightly leaning towards them saying no to that as well…

Again, you should definitely ask them directly about this.

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I did apply to Mcgill in the last couple of years as PharmD. What I can tell you is that courses in PharmD aren’t post-grad. It’s still undergrad. Last 2 cycles, I had an alternate degree used as basis of admission (B. Sc.) and even though my basis of admission degree wasn’t my PharmD, I was still getting a bonus for having graduated from that professional degree. Now, in your case, I’d say it’s too early to benefit from that bonus. My guess is that they’d look at your file differently only if you were in your final year of PharmD. And that makes sense because 1st year is still relatively easy compared to the years ahead, not  to mention there is not much clinical exposure at that stage of the degree. However, it’s not bad to center your CV around the experience you got in pharmacy practice to this day. It can only help for the CV assessment. Good luck! 

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