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First National Interest Group for Neurosurgery!

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Hey everyone!
Are you fascinated by the underpinnings of the brain and the nervous system? Is pursuing a fulfilling career in neurosurgery something you have considered?  If so, we would like to invite you to join the Canadian Medical Student Interest Group in Neurosurgery (CaMSIGN)!
CaMSIGN is the very first Canadian national educational interest group dedicated to neurosurgery. Our primary goal is to connect, educate and inspire medical students across Canada by providing a platform to share their ideas. Our secondary goal is to provide a variety of resources that ultimately help interested students to find valuable mentors and immerse themselves in the field of neurosurgery.  To fulfill these goals, CaMSIGN organizes multiple events such as speaker series, journal club meetings, mentorship sessions, educational workshops, and even virtual shadowing opportunities!  Overall, we believe that this can be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of neurosurgery, learn more about Canadian residency programs and connect with preceptors and residents in the field.
CaMSIGN is a collaborative product between UBC and McGill medical students and is currently in its formative stage (recently established this month, in fact!). As the group expands over the next few months, we will be actively recruiting students from all medical programs across the country to join this diverse and inclusive community, and hope to appoint a few representatives from each school.

Thanks for reading! :)

Here is the link to the Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/643782709831547

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