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Podcast episode with a current U of S med student

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Hey all! 

I'm one of the co-hosts of the 'Pluripotent Premed' podcast, a podcast designed to help premedical students navigate and conquer the premed years.

Our latest project is the 'Medical School Spotlight' series, which brings on current medical students from each of the 17 Canadian Medical Schools to talk about the admissions requirements, curriculum, student life, and experiences at their medical school.

For University of Saskatchewan, we were happy to welcome on Shayan Shirazi, a 2nd year med student and the current President of the Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan.

You can listen on any of the major podcasting platforms, but here are some quick links to access it too:

Hopefully this is helpful for some of you, and best of luck with the rest of your premed journey!


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Here is an overall breakdown of what is covered in the episode:

  • Brief introduction
    • Who they are
    • What school they go to
    • Where their school is located 
    • Class size
    • Distribution of students across different campuses (if applicable) 
  • Admissions requirements for the 2020/2021 application cycle 
    • Different applicant pools/streams (if applicable)
    • GPA requirement/minimums
    • MCAT requirement/minimums
    • Other requirements (such as CASPer, if applicable)
    • Average stats of the previously admitted med class 
    • Interview - what style is the interview? How did you find it? Any surprises?
  • Curriculum
    • Basic outline of their weekly schedule - breakdown of lectures vs. clinical time vs. small-group learning, etc.
    • How their years are organized (e.g. blocked by organ system, vs. something like an anatomy block then a physiology block, etc.) 
    • Strong points of their curriculum 
    • Weak points or challenges of their curriculum
    • Major differences from other medical schools  
  • General experiences
    • Culture and environment - Welcoming?
    • Enjoyable? Would you recommend the school to others? 
    • Difficulty/workload - Manageable? Too much? Is there enough time to also pursue research or other extracurriculars?
    • Outside of school - How's the social side of things? Are there clubs, social events, etc.?
    • What would you say is the school's 'main selling point' if an applicant were to be picking between their school and another?
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