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Interview Invites 2020/2021 Cycle

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New update! The website has been changed again and now says we will hear back between October 21-30!

Just got my rejection (OOP) 

Hi everyone, OOP and just got my rejection.  

5 minutes ago, naptime98 said:

It seems like in past years the OOP invites go out last. Hopefully we'll all hear within the next hour or so. It already feels like its been such a long morning.

I wonder if we'll hear back today at all, considering their time to tell us is the 21st-30th, so it could be next week (hopefully not though)

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Just now, ubccommutergirl said:

Interesting. Also from Vancouver, I graduated from UBC this year for my BSc. Does Memorial favour applicants with masters degrees more?

I don't think so, I think it just kind of adds to the variety of experience of the applicants but they accept plenty of people without a master's. 

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13 minutes ago, MEDCRAJ said:

just got notification that i wont be receiving a interview.  as a IP from NB 

GPA: 3.86 

MCAT 508 

a lot of volunteer and research experience.

i am really confused, and dont know what i did wrong :(


I'm similar and confused as well. I also thought that I did well on the CASPer. I wish I knew my CASPer score :’’(

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