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Interview Invites 2020/2021 Cycle

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New update! The website has been changed again and now says we will hear back between October 21-30!

Just got my rejection (OOP) 

Hi everyone, OOP and just got my rejection.  

Given the trend from previous years, if the first 'wave' has passed, the second wave of invites/regrets is probably a week out (i.e. next Wed/Thurs) 

maybe they're holding off on giving OOP invites (i.e. waitlisted or less spots if all IP accept the invite) because of the logistics of switching to an online interview format – they want to make sure they can handle completing synchronous interviews and then completing and actually reviewing any asynchronous components 

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OOP Rejection (~6:30am PST). Not really surprised.

MCAT: 510, GPA: 85%

EC: Not-for-profit volunteer experience (most activities are >3 years), music (>10,000 hours), multiple jobs in healthcare. Reference letters were from 2 professors from UBC and my boss at one of my jobs (family physician).

Best of luck to everyone else and those interviewing!

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