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I have volunteer position which I am thinking about splitting into 2 entries on the non-academic section of the application. The reason I am considering this is because my roles during pre-covid and during covid were completely different. What are your thoughts on this? Would it be okay for me to do this? Would I need 2 different verifies or can I use the same one for both entries?

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Had a couple like this, I would say isn't it more beneficial for your application to include it all under one entry (ex. entry title of "Volunteer/Volunteer Supervisor at XYZ Clinic") and in the description box briefly touch on both roles (ex. "in 2018-19, I did ABCD; in 2019-20, I became a supervisor and did EFGH")? That way, you have one entry (so a higher number of hours in that entry as opposed to 2 separate ones) and you also have progression shown in that entry (like going from volunteer to volunteer supervisor in the example I gave).

And lastly, it frees up another slot for you to put a different activity (assuming you have more activities in your life than medical school application slots! Especially counting stuff like hobbies etc which can be really illuminating)

I feel like I've also read in the Help Guide somewhere (can't remember, haven't looked at since April?) that you can combine activities if they were at the same institution or something

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I think there was a blog post saying that you shouldn't split up entries unless you were serving in a different position. At the same time, if your responsibilities are vastly different, I guess it could count as a different position.

I don't think it matters too much - Just make sure you're not "excluding" something important from your app by splitting it up in 2 entries. And if you combine into 1, make sure you can adequately explain your responsibilities within the character limit :)

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