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French stream/Writing the CASPER in French

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Are students who get accepted to the French Stream very fluent in French? Do they sound like native speakers? Should I even bother applying to this stream if my vocabulary isn't great? I can speak and write french but since I don't practice enough, I forget some words.

Also, if you have written the Casper in French and got an interview without being very fluent, how did you prepare for this test? I feel like if french words don't come to my head rapidly during CASPER, I won't be able to write enough which could impact my score.


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Some students are native speakers, others are not. No one is expecting students to have a perfect french. However, everyone is comfortable interacting in french with their peers, professors and patients. If you are able to write the Casper in french and interview in french, then your french is good enough :) 

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