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Advice me please!

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Hi everyone I hope you’re doing well!

i didn’t know who to ask or what to do so I thought of maybe trying to seek help or advice here.

So I’m a first year cegep student in health science who wants to apply to med-p.
i know i only started my journey but somehow I feel like I won’t make it, I failed two tests already, chemistry and calculus. I know it’s too early to judge but I feel like I really won’t make it! Everyone would be a competitive candidate and here I am with two failed tests. I keep comparing myself to other students and it makes me unmotivated and feel like I would always be behind. I don’t know what to do or how to improve my grades. 
what are the steps that I should do? Any tips on how to study effectively for chemistry physics and calculus? 
i really am lost and just want to switch programs because it’s the easiest way but at the same time I don’t want to! I really want to get in med-p!! I’m just so stressed and my thoughts are everywhere!
any advice would be helpful thank you!!!

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Hi there! It's alright to feel stressed, especially when you just started CEGEP. It's important to realize that everyone has different adjustment periods to CEGEP and while some people may adapt quickly, you still have 2 years to go. Instead of focusing on others and comparing yourself with them, try to think about how you can improve and come up with a plan on how to tackle your classes. As for advice on studying for chemistry, physics and calculus, I would say practice is key; do as many problems as you can until you feel comfortable with the material. You can also talk with your teachers during office hours to go over what you are struggling with. Good luck with your classes and hope you feel a bit better!

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Adding to what BananaBoy said, you should stop comparing yourself to others. It's really detrimental to your mental health. Your goal should be to better yourself day in and day out and to keep raising the bar exam after exam. You might have failed the first two exams in your cegep start but that's nothing to worry about :)! I did poorly at the start of my cegep and bounced back afterwards! You should really look for ressources and I can't stress this enough. Use your teachers, they're there for YOU. Use websites, khan academy, ilectureonline (for physics), ''organic chemistry tutor'' on youtube for chemistry and maths. I had done poorly in my first calculus class but ended up with 95s+ in my next maths classes and 90s in my chem classes thanks to online ressources, teacher's office hours, organizing my study and just taking it as a job. Having to prepare for exams might seem overwhelming at first but break it down. I always give myself a cue whenever I mess up something ''adapt''. No matter what it is, adapt to your situation and give it your best. You'd rather fail knowing you've tried your best than fail by giving up. If you need more advice, I'm here and so are people from this forum. We're all here to attain our goals and we've all been through the self-doubt you're going through at the moment. Keep your head up and keep moving. Good luck for everything brother (or sister!)

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