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Can I get into these programs? -Quebec

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Hi I’m a second year Marianopolis health student ! I currently have an r score of 33.3 . I am hoping to get into Pharmacy at UDM but I have it is nearly impossible with the r scores and I noticed dentistry has recently dropped to 33.7 at UDM, do you guys think I have a chance? I just started working at the ICU at the glen site as a coordinator maybe that could boost me a little? Other than that my cv is pretty empty. My ultimate goal is to end up in med but I don’t think I can get into premed this year, instead I’ll go study a few years in uni before applying to med school. Right now I just don’t really know what I should go study in in order to get into med preferably during or after my undergrad. :)) please give me any suggestions and I would really appreciate any replies. Also I would prefer to keep studying in Montreal but if you think I have a shot elsewhere please let me know 

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Hi! I unfortunately can't speak for  pharm or dentistry at UDeM but if your ultimate goal is to get into med (and you don't mind moving to québec city) you actually have a shot at getting into Ulaval's med program this year. They changed their admission policy this year so now, as long as you have an r score above 33.00, your r score wont affect your admission chances. Interview invites will only be given based on your casper results and final admission is only based on your interview score. I.e: you have as much chance as someone with a 38+ r score to get into med at Ulaval :) 

You might also want to ask your question in the "general Quebec discussions"  section of the forum to get more answers :)) Good luck with the admission process!

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I didn't go through the interview process because of Covid, so my admission was entirely casper based. There is a lot of info on how to do well on casper in this forum so definitely try to read those as they give some amazing tips on how to structure your answers correctly and manage your time. But the most important thing is your typing speed, you want to get it as high as you possibly can to avoid the risk of running out of time. In terms of practicing I only did the sample test that is offered on the casper website once you register for the test (the questions are pretty similar to the ones on the actual test :)). The general opinion about the casper and the interviews is that you want to be as genuine and honest as possible. There is an excellent thread on the "Laval university medical school" sub-forum by Monocor that resumes everything you need to know to do well!

I don't know much about Ulaval's dentistry program but they still use the r score ranking system (minimum r score is 32.3) combined with interview and casper score. You also have to do a TAED (test d'aptitude au études dentaires). You can find all of the info on their website ;)

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