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Hi everyone, 


I am curious to know - if you are currently in practice and get the opportunity to reenter a residency program, would you do it?

What factors would influence your decision?

What field of medicine would you leave and what would you consider re-entering in? 

Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss in private. 


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I wouldn't. I think residency was so crazy that I'm surprised I made it through the first time. Staff life is still busy but I like what I do.

I suppose if I hated my day job and would rather quit medicine I could see myself re-entering if there was a true passion field I wanted to do. However, I would have no idea if that field would be a true fit as with most things in medicine. The residency training to get to the very end in most programs would probably also be super tiring at an older age.

Also, I'm not sure if it financially works out once you're a staff. There would need to be some sort of crazy differential in pay to make up for the lost years of earning not to mention all those busy residency hours are paid poorly. I feel like if you're willing to grind then you can probably do that in any medicine field (e.g. practice up north every once in a while).

I do work with people that redid residency so it clearly does happen to some degree. I don't know if I could survive another one haha.

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