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Hey! I completely agree with your statement 100% and not looking to ruffle your feathers  However, coming on here and engaging with others who are going through a lot of the same struggles as me is ac


What if we're all getting played and it comes out next week or something lol 

4 minutes ago, BigDreamer said:

What makes you think noon tomorrow??? (Aka. do I need to give myself a pep talk) 

Cause it seems like invites are sent out at the end of the 3rd week of October every year (based on last 3 years according to a post on the last page), and tomorrow is the last day of the 3rd week. So tomorrow seems likely, and noon is when they seem to have usually come out. 

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34 minutes ago, yeescience said:

Out of curiosity, does anyone see steps 3a/3b today? If I remember correctly from last year, those became available for a lot of people receiving interviews a little while before interview invites were sent out, but I don't remember how much earlier! For reference, I dont see anything and I'm OOP.

nothing and also OOP

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13 minutes ago, TackleMD said:

I have a feeling, and I wrote that whole debacle. 4 years ago it came out on the 26th, one year it was the 20th. Only the last 3 years fit what I said earlier. So anything is fair game between now and next week. 

2 years ago my invite came on Thursday the 18th at ~3pm, and last year was Friday the 18th ~2pm (IP)

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