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so I just found out that UofA is not considering the MDT section this year, i feel like im definitely not getting in this year as my MDT basically carries my DAT score. Anyone feeling the same way or is it just me? Fml.............. so unfair that they cancel it without warning

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1 hour ago, Covid2020 said:

They don't care about students who wrote DAT before this November. Very unfair if you ask me.

the other school in montreal is still accepting MDT and the CDA made arrangements and such for students who are applying for that school, so why does UofA have to get rid of the MDT portion when we have less cases than Quebec and could and should totally just ask the CDA to do the same,, aghhhh. I wouldve signed up to rewrite my DAT if i knew, but not its full

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11 minutes ago, pandabear10 said:

yup... probably could've done it just fine w/ proper protocols in place. Its quite unfortunate.

exactly! the CDA is setting somehting up for MDT in quebec, so they should definitely do that for other provinces. 

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