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Would Kinesiology make a good premed undergraduate program?

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Kin is a pretty good premed degree- I know quite a few Kin people who have gotten into med. It's also a common physiotherapy feeder, or other related things like chiropractic school, OT, etc. I personally think it's more useful than a life sci/biochem degree in terms of employability (unless you go into research, which you could do for either) but it is true that a lot people who do kin aim for some type of professional school

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I agree with the above posters. I know people who did kine and got into: med, law, physio, optom, pharm, etc. I even know of others who transitioned from kine to a business masters who are on their way to completing an MBA. Even know of a couple doing a JD/MBA. 

At the end of the day, kine isn't super focused on one area of science that will limit you. I think it gives you the opportunity to learn health but also be marketable to other professions of society - but you need to be willing to make those transitions if a healthcare field doesn't work out. A BSc and even a MSc in basic sciences can really trap you for jobs down the road. 

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