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I retested this year and went from a 129 CARS to 127 (all of my other scores went up). I'm worried this will affect my application, and I'm curious as to how it dropped to much since I was doing well on my FLs.

Does anyone have any experience requesting a rescore with MCAT? I'm wondering if requesting one might play out in my favour.

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Sorry to hear about the score drop. I asked the same question as you last year when I got a 124 CARs. I decided to let it go and just focus on my app for the very few schools I was eligible for. For you specifically, depending on your other MCAT section scores, a 127 isn't the end of the world. You're truly only on the fence for Western as their cutoff fluctuates between 127/128 and possibly mac depending on GPA. Can't speak about non-ontario schools tho. 


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