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I try to stay off these forums during the "down-times" in an application season, i.e. outside of times where everyone is writing the app, or receiving interviews, or receiving acceptances. But! I thought this would need some clarification

21 hours ago, Dust_Bucket said:

Anybody ever been told that their activity entries were getting thrown out because they weren't able to get ahold of your verifiers? 


UBC does not do this - they contact you for a different verifier

9 minutes ago, who_knows said:

Do you guys know if they contact by email first and then by phone or by phone right away? What kind of questions do they ask?

Email first, phone if they don't get an email response within a few days (probably maximum one week). They don't ask questions - they send your verifier your full activity description (everything except the verifier contact info because that'd be redundant) and the verifier has to type their full name into a submission box in order to confirm that the details sent to them by UBC are correct. For example, a verifier named John Gillywinkle would have to type "John Gillywinkle" into that submission box and the activity would then be considered verified

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23 hours ago, johnnyavwen said:

For the people who had their verifiers already contacted did you submit by the early deadline?

I did 

21 hours ago, PeanutButter1 said:

Not me. I submitted approx a week before the deadline. I’ve had more verifiers contacted then ever before, not sure what to think about that!

I was wondering what your stats are? 

21 hours ago, KB24 said:

Same here! Last year I only had 2 or 3 verifiers contacted, but this year it was more than 10!

did you by any chance submit by the early deadline? 



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