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International residency after Canadian medical school

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I really want to live/practice in the UK but I cant afford tuition there as an international student. Is it semi-attainable to join their post-graduate training (whatever residency equivalent) as a Canadian grad? Would doing so limit me in terms of specialties? I'm not in med school yet but I would just like to get as much info as possible beforehand. Thanks!

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Just now, offmychestplease said:

Why would you want to do that? All the residencies there are much longer (ex. 5 years training to be a FM after med compared to 2 here), and doctors get paid like 1/3 to 1/2 as much as in Canada. 

I know, both of those hurt a bit but it really is something I've wanted to do forever. This is also the career I want so I don't ~mind~ it taking a little longer if I get to spend that time there

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Just now, DrOtter said:

You can... They're more than happy to take on junior doctors. I have friends who go to the UK after doing an MD in Australia. But I feel like it'll still be better if you become a certified FM doc here and then go to the UK to practice. We have reciprocal licensing agreement with them so that shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks! Do you know if this applies to more competitive specialties as well? Just in terms of keeping my options open :)

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