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Help me with my GPA please

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Hi everybody

I would like to apply for medicine in Mcgill.

I graduated in UdeM with a Bachelor in nutrition (Baccalaureat). My UdeM GPA is 3.57/4.3.

I read that Mcgill doesn't consider CRU and only GPA, is this true ? Also, in the case McGill only consider GPA, are they gonna give me a 3.57/4 directly ? I have no A+ grades in UdeM, highest I have is A.

And is 3.57 GPA enough to get an invitation in McGill ?

Thank you!!

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10 minutes ago, offmychestplease said:

CRU is not considered, yes. Your GPA of 3.57/4.3 translates to 3.33/4.0. With that GPA, other aspects of the app are irrelevant and there is 0 chance. You need to do a second undergrad with a strong 3.85+/4.0 GPA to have a shot. Past year, average GPA for QC university people invited to interview was 3.90/4.0.

I see.

Thank you for the clarification!

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On 10/23/2020 at 2:16 AM, winner19 said:

I see.

Thank you for the clarification!

A couple of points I’d like to comment on:

Unless I missed something, I’m pretty sure your McGill-GPA would not be 3.33. This looks like it was obtained with a rule of 3, that’s not how the conversion is done.

Given you said you don’t have any A+, your McGill-GPA should be the same as your UdeM one, 3.57.

You can actually fill out the McGill academic workbook right now to see for yourself (or just make an excel sheet yourself to simulate their workbook by listing all your course grades and calculate your GPA whilst taking into account credit weight for each course and replacing the UdeM scale with the McGill scale)

For example, my UdeM-GPA is 3.75, but my McGill-GPA is 3.68 (I had some A+) . The existence of the A+ at UdeM is the only difference between these 2 scales,  and is the cause of the 4 vs 4.3 ceiling difference.

So your GPA would still be below average for ppl invited to interview. However, I’d point out that the academic evaluation (which is itself worth 70% of the selection weight to be invited to interviews) also considers something they call “overall academic context” which could help you out.



(click on university-level applicants tab)

In case you didn’t know, the overall academic context (which is worth 10% of that 70%, the other 90% is just your undergrad GPA) gives points for the following:

1) progression of difficulty of coursework

2) post-bach academics (grad studies)

3) recognition of professional degree programs

Since you have a nutrition degree, you should get points for having a professional degree (assuming your nutrition degree was the type that led to licensing ability/prof order…since I vaguely remember that there were some nutrition degrees that didn’t lead to prof order, anyway look into it…).

Having said that, I don't know how much of a bump it will give to your academic evaluation and if it will be enough to get you a competitive rank. Obviously the more of those overall academic context points you can get, the more chances you have. To conclude, just want to say that I wouldn't underestimate the impact of that 10%, my own McGill application experiences and those of some others (granted, very few) in similar situations to us  (low gpa) in this forum suggest it can be a substantial boost (check my previous posts or feel free to PM me).

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