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How to change verifier information?

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I misspelled the email for one of my verifiers and I was wondering how I go about changing this.

Also, I read that Ottawa throws out your file if you used a family member for a verifier? I'm wondering if this is true because I used family members for 3 activities (personal experiences and start up companies) which I couldn't get other verifiers for.

Thank you and good luck to all!

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hey!! for the spelling of the email, i'd personally i'd email omsas and ask them if they could do anything about changing it. if they can't, i'd then probably try to contact uottawa admissions directly and hopefully they would accomodate the change? not super sure if this would work but i don't think it hurts to try :D 

as for the family member verifier question, i really don't think they would throw it out -- on the r/premedcanada subreddit, a user who contacted the school about this mentioned that uottawa said that "since the verification process is a random audit, they may or may not stumble upon your verifier. if they do however, and it's a family or friend, they will just discard that entry. the rest of your application is safe" :lol:

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