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what should my academic reference letter say for applying to carribean schools?

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For most carribean schools it seems like you need 2 references letters. I got one already from a volunteering director and she seemed very hapyp to be able to write one for me and i am sure she did a good job as i told her to outline how she got to know me, my personal qualities and character, and how and why she thinks i would be a good candidate for medical school. i called around to a few carribean medical schools and the people i spoke to didnt really give me much info regarding reference letters they were kinda bland but after reading around and speaking to some more it seems like those points are the most important. 

so now for my academic reference letter, what do i tell my professor to write about? just the same three things? i didnt ace his class i probably did average or a bit over average but the reason i chose him is that we got closer over the year and i felt like his letter would be more indepth compared to other professors.


also the reason i included "for carribean schools" is because theres where i am going and maybe there is some qualities that carribean schools look for more in the reference letter so thought i would ask..




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38 minutes ago, offmychestplease said:

OP has a 2.8GPA based on past posts so I don't think average is the correct characterization 


Well, either way there is definitely a lower tier carrib school that will take them with a 2.8gpa. Don't think i would suggest it, unless they somehow turned it around and scores a strong 512+ MCAT score and learned how to do better academically. 

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