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Chances of CGS-M or OGS-M at Western University?

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Need some advice. Would appreciate insight from people who applied to the CGS-M.

I'm planning to apply for the CGS-M but I don't have that much research experience. I didn't do a thesis but I have one publication in an undergraduate journal (nothing too rigorous). I am currently doing some research with a non-profit (supervised by a prof) but still haven't completed the ethics review so very preliminary. My GPA in the last 2 years of undergrad is nearly a 4.0. I have a prof who is willing to take me on as a master's student and she is helping me develop the proposal, which will be very strong and impactful. Do you think I have a chance to get the CIHR scholarship at Western University, a school that only has 19 CIHR awards? Please help.

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For sure you have a shot, though it in large part depends on how they committee assesses your research proposal, which is unfortunately somewhat subjective. Because it can be a little random at times, the general rule with grants like these is to apply as broadly as possible and hope for the best; so definitely go for it!

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I would recommend also applying to the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. With your GPA you should probably be able to land one of the two (at least off the waitlist, which forms because of how many people apply to both). As others have said though, it's subject to your committee, your competition, your institution and supervisor. So many factors are involved that it's always best to apply to any graduate scholarship you're eligible for and hope for the best! 


Edit: i just saw you mention CIHR, definitely apply for that if you can and any other funding opportunities you qualify for.

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