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7 minutes ago, AB27 said:

It wont be in Minerva unless it is required for you to upload MCAT scores based on your admissions category. You can still release the scores to McGill in the AAMC score reporting system. I input my AAMC ID in the initial application, before I got access to minerva

That's weird, because I graduated school in the states (but im also born in QC) , so MCAT is required, but its not there in Minerva, I did put my AAMC ID number in the initial application though. Any tips?

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1 minute ago, AB27 said:

I reread the email, you should have the item on your checklist but you won't necessarily be able to input your AAMC ID. Just release the score to McGill.

thats so weird, I don't have it on my checklist... idk what to do... please help. I sent my MCAT score via AAMC to McGill though.

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On the test section page in the initial application, in the top portion where it has instructions for the page there is a bar to put the AAMC ID, before scrolling down and inputting scores for tests you want to include. The bar to enter the aamc ID for me is located specifically under the instructions for MDCM applicants. It has instruction on how to enter the MCAT scor, and just under it a place to enter the ID. I am a permanent resident and I finished undergrad from Canada, so I am not required to submit an MCAT.

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