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Looking for Interview practice

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Hi all,

not sure if there’s a group for this already, but interviews aren’t my strongest suit and I was wondering if there were a few people on here who would be willing to do some practice questions over zoom or Ms Teams? I’ve interviewed at uottawa before and done MMI at queens but I’m looking to improve since I didn’t get it last time and felt my interviews could’ve been stronger - in particular my MMI. 

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Got my first MMI at Dal and I'm very nervous. This is my 5th year applying and I'm just finishing a grad degree in Ontario. Just started practising for online MMI so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

The prompt I had was: Social media platforms have been restricting content that is deemed discriminatory and offensive. What do you think about these practices? 


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I was paired up with applicants who had interviews at dal recently through this site https://www.videoath.com/community/practice-groups Hoping some others can join too and I can join another group. 

I wasn't too sure but saw they asked some current Dal med students and residents who were on admissions before create similar questions to past MMIs for us. It was really nice what they did. At first it was just on our special Facebook group for everyone who was invited to interview but I think I can share it now that the interview is over. Here's the page that some of the upper year "Ask a med student" admins sent us: https://www.videoath.com/dalhousie 

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