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Do I stand a chance?


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I am a IP MSc student and will be graduating this year (2021). I have a cGPA of approx. 3.66/4.00 with lot of experiences in clinic and basic research. 

I applied last year and was ranked approx. 900ish/1035 (not good!), so basically didn't make the 76% advance to prescreening at all. 

Do you think it is worth reapplying this cycle or am I being too ambitious?

 I'm asking since I don't see how I could go to prescreening stage except by luck or improving my cGPA... Thanks!!

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If money's not a problem and you've already written CASPer for this year I'd say yeah, give it a shot. Was the MSc on your application last year? You should get a bit of an academic score boost this year if it wasn't already on your application last year. But you probably need to have a really good CASPer result. At least if you apply this year with a completed MSc you might get a better sense of what you need to improve if you decide to apply again.


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