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Hi guys, 

i just need some clarification on how Ottawa calculates the cgpa now. They mention using top three years is this true? So, if a 4 year degree is completed they only use your most recent three years to calculate your gpa? If someone could give me some verification. Also when applying is it encouraged to have written the mcat? I’m at a 4.0 in my most recent 3 years but with my first year I’m sig down. Hence why I’m asking.

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uOttawa looks at your 3 most recent years that you have already completed. So if you have already finished your 4th year, they will not consider your first year. And if you only plan on applying to uOttawa, you do not need to write the MCAT. They don't consider it. All other Ontario schools (other than NOSM and uOttawa) consider the MCAT or a certain section of the MCAT.

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