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Hey guys - just realized I may have screwed my chances at medical school. I applied to queens and western. My third and fourth years are the 3.88 and 3.87 respectively. I did a fifth year in 2020 and took three courses, which was my biggest, dumbest mistake because I ended up with a calculated 3.5 gpa here. I am terrified Queens will take this year and my fourth year as my last two, leaving me at a 3.68 gpa. Have I screwed myself over?
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9 hours ago, AgentBond said:

Which semester? Winter or Summer? Queens and Western are excluding all Winter 2020 grades, so you may have dodged a bullet.

thanks for your reply!! I took two courses fall 2019, one course winter 2020.. I took full time courses for my 3rd and 4th year. For Queens, because my fifth year was part time, would this make them take my cGPA instead?

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