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When I went to medical school (which was years ago) there were minimal scholarships and bursaries. Most people get some token amount of bursary money but nothing that would be life changing (e.g. <$10k). I think there was one bursary for people with disadvantaged backgrounds to cover the whole tuition but I don't think most students would qualify. There may be scholarships outside of the institution that could help but I'm not as familiar with that.

I'm not sure how Queen's is specifically so maybe someone else can chime in but the majority of students have to heavily utilize their LoC in Ontario.

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OSAP offers a lot of money for the vast majority of students, and a substantial amount of it is grants (i.e. you don't pay it back). This could be anywhere from $3K-$8K of the total funding based on students I've talked to.

They also have additional scholarships you can apply for. They're hard to get, but not impossible and every bit helps (even though tuition is expensive, winning thousands of free dollars in any other context is literally winning the lottery lmao)

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I'll echo what others had said- scholarships for med school are minimal, but some do exist, although most are relatively small. uOttawa has a decent amount that you can apply to at the start of each year but most are only a few thousand, and they're quite competitive. OSAP and an LOC are the ways most people fund their education- these will more than cover the cost, the only question is how much debt you'll be in when you finish. Obviously this isn't ideal, but even with a lot of debt (150-200k+) most people can pay it off within a few years of staff work

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