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Hi all, 

Hoping someone can help me understand what I need to know/do for booking the mcqe... I am very lost on this all and have not found out much info from our admin. Currently in 4th year Ontario school doing electives. 

I see that there are different sessional dates the exam is offered: Jan 25- Feb 21 2021; April 27 - June 16; July 5 - July 25; and so on...

My school finishes all of our transition to residency seminars/selectives on April 30 2021. 

I have heard that people normally write the exam after all of our school commitments are finished, is this true? Should I be therefore booking the April 27-June 16th session? Can I book the sessions for after this? Or do I need to have written the exam prior to July 1st (residency start). 

Is this something I should be booking right now, will spots for the April 27-June 16th session be filling up quickly? 

Any input is welcomed! 

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You need to write both parts before you graduate residency. It's best to write the part I before you graduate but it's not required to graduate from medical school. 

I would suggest you write at the end of April or beginning of May. Start studying part-time while you are finishing up your selectives and then give yourself a week or two to study full-time and you should be good.  I studied for around one month total (2 weeks part time during my last selective and then I think 2 weeks full-time) and it was more than enough to pass this annoying exam. 

It's nice to give yourself a good 2 months to enjoy before starting residency, as you won't get this time again.

Good luck! 

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