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Is UWO realistic for me?

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I know it says to post on the other thread first, but it's pretty dead so I figured I might as well ask here instead. (if thats not allowed I'm sorry!)

I'm currently a third year student at UWO, and I want to go to dental school at UWO as well. 

I'm just not sure if it's realistic, though. My current best two year average is somewhere between an 87-88%. 

For ECs, I've been an exec of a couple clubs, done some long term (~150 hours) and short term volunteering (few months-a year, tutoring and on campus stuff, also involved in a few clubs, just as a general member though) For employment I've done random things (assistant for the nursing department in a long term care home, transcribing COVID documents for a health care company), I'm also currently a research assistant. I have a dentist who's willing to let me shadow him within the next few months as well.

I plan to write the DAT this upcoming February but money is huge constraint for me and I don't want to spend a lot of money on the test/resources if i don't really have a chance, you know? 

my question is, is it realistic for me to get into dental school in Ontario, specifically at Western? I see some people with outstanding grades and ECs, and I'm just not sure I'm up to par.

If there's anything anyone could recommend for helping improve my chances, I'd appreciate it a ton!

 thanks so much in advance for any input!! 

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