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Congrats to all who received an interview invite! As for preparation, I did a lot of practice answering practice mmi questions in front of a mirror under a time limit and really making sure my answers

I love answering this question because I want to give people "hope".  Core = Between 66-69  Last 30 credits = Between 86-89  First term is okay, second term right now is brutal. 

Good luck on interviews everyone!!

9 hours ago, mangobutt said:

Does anyone know if we are allowed to write down notes while reading the scenario (during the 3 minutes we get to think) 

No note taking allowed at all. We're only allowed a water bottle with us during the interview

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On 4/22/2021 at 12:26 AM, mangobutt said:

Does anyone have an idea on what the written portion will ask us? And do u guys think they’ll ask the traditional questions like “why do u want to be a pharmacist tell us about yourself etc” or are these mmis just scenario questions 

Im guessing its going to be a mix of both since we didnt have a personal profile, so they dont really know much about us apart from our marks. 

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