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How to prep for CaRMS 2nd round in 2021

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Hey guys, 

I’m planning to apply to the 2nd round of CaRMS in 2021 for family medicine. I graduated medical school in 2015. I went to another province for family medicine residency for basically total of 6 months mixed in with a bunch of sick leave. I decided it was best for my health to leave that program as it was far from my supports. 

In 2018-2019, I did one year of an advanced standing nursing program but I had to leave for financial reasons. 

How can I best prepare for the second round this year? My reference letters cannot be from anyone I’ve worked with recently because I have not worked with physicians since 2018 or earlier. 

What medical topics should I study the most to keep my knowledge recent? 

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You NEED a LOR from your original PD saying you were a good resident and left for medical/family reasons and not performance/professionalism reasons.

I know you said you can't get a recent letter but you NEED a recent letter(s) from someone who can say that you would still be a good resident. Hopefully you can reach out so someone from your nursing program, or look into doing shadowing/volunteering/research as much as you can with covid, perhaps reaching out to contacts from your medical school or residency to point you in the right direction locally. Hopefully you can also demonstrate you have been keeping up to date with medicine and have interval research/organizational experience.

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