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2021 UCalgary Interview Invites/Regrets

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We have now roughly reached the halfway point between the start of Wednesday and the end of Friday. Good luck everyone! I'm making sure to add some extra self care into my day to de-stress. If we can

TIME STAMP: 4:28 PM MST Result: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Invite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  wGPA: 3.87 MCAT: 512, 126 CARS!!!!!! Year: Graduated Geogra

Just a friendly reminder to everyone to study/do assignments if you have them like me

Result: Invite!
wGPA: 3.94
MCAT: 131 CARS; 516
ECs: Full-time work experience in family law. Diverse lived experience. Lots of volunteer experience in law and health care. Several paid research assistant positions. 2 Poster presentations and a national conference presentation. Board of Director for a non-profit. National awards. No publications
Year: Completed Law Degree & Masters
Geography : IP 

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26 minutes ago, nervousnervous said:

Is anyone else still waiting?

Refreshing UCAN and my email every 30 seconds or so


Timestamp: 5:49

Result: Regrets

GPA 3.93, MCAT 523/CARS 132, filled out all 10 ECs but looking back they weren't as well thought out as they could have been. Definitely will have to work on thata lot for next cycle.

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Result: Regrets

wGPA: 3.94

MCAT: 518 (129 CARS)

ECs: 7/10 filled, 2 years research (clinical + wet lab; no pubs), 3 years of volunteering in hospitals, with children and in my community, 1.5 years community leadership, long term sports and student groups

Year: BSc 4th year

Geography: IP

Did not filling out my ECs completely screw me? I didn't feel like my other possible entries were really top tier :/

US MD/DO applications here I come

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