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Is it possible to complete medical school and residency without moving?


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2 hours ago, The Ace of Spades said:

Of course it's possible, many people do exactly that. However, the more competitive a specialty is, the more broadly one needs to apply, so you'll likely be more restricted in specialty choice if location is non-negotiable to you.

yup - so the question would be how flexible you would be in terms of specialty choice and how sure you are about that. Odds are good you can stay put with focus and effor but there is only probabilities in this game, never certainty ha (Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel spin........)

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If you restrict yourself geographically, you need to be prepared to go unmatched. Having said that, there is the home school advantage, and it is more likely than not that your chances are significantly higher at your school. However, there are never any guarantees in this lottery, which it is. :P  If you apply to more than one field in the same school, you enhance your chances. 

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