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Hello i was wondering if there is a specific text book that is recommended to study for the dat I've read a lot about using different sites such as datcrusher and bootcamp but i was not sure if these are enough. Does anyone have any recommendations on resources needed to get all the info for the test.

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i wrote cdat today. used, dat bootcamp(BC), dat crusher(DC), destroyer(used destroyer for chem only).. crackdat( purchased for RC only)

everyone talks about DC being more representative. i agree but its because its slightly easier than BC in all subjects except PAT, more like cdat.

I think BC prepares you a bit better but DC is more representative. I rate BC:9/10...DC: 7.5/10...overall

destroyer : If chem isn't your strength, then I recommend it for chem only, as it makes every single question on the real dat effortless. 

crackdat was ok for RC, it really improved my speed because their passages are outrageously long.

for bio, definitely watch Craig savage videos on youtube. it was so helpful specially for taxonomy!

note: BC has been around for way longer than DC and maybe thats why its a more well rounded resource. DC is also catching up on BC, they are adding new stuff (videos, practice tests every few weeks/months) so my comment may not be as accurate for future.

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I took the cDAT the previous week and I used both Crusher and Bootcamp. I would say Crusher is definitely more representative, I had questions that showed up on my exam that were word for word from crusher. Bootcamp is also good but a lot harder than the real exam and it didn't offer any printable questions content like Crusher does. Since the cDAT is on paper it makes a big difference if you practice on paper or not. If I have to retake, I will probably just go with Crusher tbh.

I would also look into getting the CDA manual since it has an official practice test. Although it's much easier than the real exam, it's still very good practice.

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