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Hey all,

I'm a practicing physician in Toronto, was an avid user of this forum in my med school/training days.

I came across some posts on LOCs, loans, TFSAs etc and wanted to pass along a resource. I started a non-profit podcast this year to helping professionals, specifically MDs, navigate important financial topics. Several reasons for kickstarting the podcast, but mainly because I have a keen interest and sadly we are barely exposed to these areas in our lengthy medical training (very unfortunate). Once you enter practice, you can be poached by various brokers trying to sell you expensive insurance policies (still happens to me). Therefore, I felt a physician led podcast would be a useful tool (I hope it is).

I've attached a link to the latest episode, which covers everything you need to know for mortgages (whether it's your first, you are renewing, or considering breaking one for a new lower rate). Earlier episodes cover basics of professional corporations, disability and life insurance, and taxation of investments. 

Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/beyond-md-with-dr-yatin-chadha/id1529613718#episodeGuid=Buzzsprout-6542779

Any questions, reach out anytime. 

Yatin Chadha (radiologist, North York General Hospital. CPSO ID 93809)

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