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Are CTU electives mandatory for Internal?

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Hi everyone, I'm applying to Internal and Family medicine this year.

I was unable to secure a CTU elective at my school (it's a very popular elective) 

I was wondering if anyone had advice on what to do in this situation and if anyone matched to Internal without doing CTU electives? 

So far: I have

1. Family Medicine (ROMP) x 4 weeks

2. Internal Medicine - Rheumatology x 2 weeks

3. Internal Medicine - Geriatrics x 2 weeks

4. Internal Medicine - Endocrinology x 2 weeks

5. Family Medicine - General x 2 weeks

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They are not mandatory but highly recommended. Looking at your current elective schedule I would say that you are going to be in a good position as long as you are able to get strong reference letters from each of your internal medicine rotations.

If you also have a reference letter from your core internal medicine rotation then that would help to. I would recommend if possible using only internal medicine letters for when you apply to internal.

As a UofT grad and previous internal medicine interviewer I would not penalize you for not having CTU rotations. Good luck!

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