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My honest review of Osmosis


I've been testing out new things to supplement didactic lectures and thought I'd share my thoughts on Osmosis. Their videos are great for visual learners and have become a great starting point for me when I dive into a new topic/week. The videos are supplemented with flash cards on their spaced repetition system which is a good general review. The flash cards are by no means comprehensive and are really only a supplement, they don't test your understanding of everything but they do touch on main points. Osmosis has definitely helped me structure information and clarify concepts and their tools have become integrated into my study routine. One major gripe is the inability to download slides. You only get access to "high-yield notes" which don't have the same images that the videos have (which sucks because the images were a big draw for me). Slides are available on other resources like Lecturio so if you need slides, you can try Lecturio out. But overall, great experience!

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