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Second bachelor degree or course-based masters? (U of T Med)

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So I'm a little confused on how this works. Last year when I was checking for the requirements for graduate students to apply to medical school at U of T and it clearly stated that course-based masters would be considered undergraduate applicants. I can no longer find that so if anyone could confirm if that has changed, that would be great. Anyway, assuming that is still how it works, would a course based masters actually improve your GPA at all? Or are they saying that they will use your undergrad GPA from your bachelor's degree alone? I'm wondering if it's better to do a second bachelor degree or a course based masters degree. If a course based masters does in fact add to your undergrad GPA, is it a completely separate undergrad GPA like a second bachelor's degree? I'm so confused on how this works so any answers are helpful!

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"GPA is based on your undergraduate studies; grades from graduate course work will not be included in the GPA calculation."

"Applicants enrolled in a course-based master’s that is in progress will be assessed as undergraduate applicants."

They have a separate applicant pool for people who have completed or in the process of getting a graduate degree. Basically you get extra credit, and you can get in with a slightly lower undergraduate GPA for example. However, this only applies for people who are in the process of doing a research based graduate degree or have COMPLETED a course based graduate degree. There is no extra credit for a course based degree in progress. Regardless, the only GPA they use in their application are undergraduate GPA.

The question of if a second undergraduate or graduate degree would be most helpful depends on what your current GPA and extracurriculars are, and your career goals. In terms of just getting into medical school, a course based masters isn't really worth it, unless there is a research component, you can get some great LORs, or there is something else unique about it that will help your extracurriculars. Even then debatable. If your GPA is holding you back, more undergrad is the way to go 100%

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