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UBC MD Interview Invites/Regrets Thread - 2020/21

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Just gonna leave this here...have fun inputting every data point into Excel, UBC

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On 12/14/2020 at 3:12 PM, marsaturn20 said:

This is only a product of my imagination :lol:

 Probably the first rejection is this coming Wednesday and the rest of the rejection will be sent out on Thursday. Friday will be the reserved day for the early invites. The weekend will be the adcoms' time to relax, chill and have a glass of red wine! Then, when Monday comes, regular invites will be sent out. 

I think I'm just trying to amuse myself as the stress of waiting is not helping at all especially in the middle of final exam season.  :lol:


I guess my theory might come true! lol.

The wait is so stressful, but let's not forget to take care of ourselves! The wait will eventually pass :) 

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18 minutes ago, ILCguy said:

If not today, I feel like they will send the R's next Monday (21st) with invites on Wednesday (23rd) and Thursday (24th)...

Just re-reading the email that was sent out on the 11th, and they specifically said that they would start sending status notifications (invites and Rs) starting the week of the 14th. So in theory, some people should hear something by end-of-day this Friday. They also said they would update their blog with FAQ and post the interim statistics during this week, so again, this Friday at the latest. But yeah, unfortunately I think this will be dragged out until the 24th :(

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3 minutes ago, Alysse212 said:

Do they send the ineligible and partial review rejection emails first? Or they send all the rejections at once?

Not sure...in the past though, there can be multiple waves of rejection emails. Very few people on these forums have had ineligible/partial review rejections, so it's hard to tell

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