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I am a fourth year undergraduate student thinking of applying to medical school. So i switched my undergrad major halfway through because I didn't like my first major and as a result really was not doing well. My first undergrad for a couple of years was really bad but after switching my last three years have gotten me a gpa of 3.8x at a different university. However, I do come from a non-science background and I am really confused whether I should even bother with the mcat. I am thinking of enrolling in a prep course and dedicating a good year of my life to just the MCAT. Also, the only University that would accept me with my particular gpa scenario is Queen's. Western requires a full course load yet I have only taken 4 courses per semester so I don't meet their cutoff. Let me know what you guys think!

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We have people in every year who come from non-science backgrounds, so that’s no matter. Just a matter of getting the content down and the critical thinking practice for the passages/CARS. Do what you think will work best for you. I did self study for two different MCATs while working full time, others did a prep course. Prep course may be easier for you if you don’t have the background, just $$$ and time.

Best of luck.

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